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23 Pounds In 21 Days! | The 3 Week Diet

The maker of this diet guarantees that you can lose around 23 pounds of fat in just 21 days, the 3 week diet is a mixture of diet plans, separated into 4 phases.

Phase one is a detox program, after that a fasting phase, then two fairly different low carbohydrate phases, and an exercise plan. This diet plan is ideal for people who desire to lose lots of weight rapidly (just like for an upcoming wedding) or for individuals who desire to boost their weight loss.

Short-term performance
A lot of people disappear their diets simply because they become bored or frustrated with results. A basic 3 week plan with weigh-ins helps to keep people encouraged. Who wouldn’t find comfort looking at a pound drop off nearly every single day!

Long-term performance
This plan is made to work over a 3 week period. After having a 7 day break, nevertheless, there is no reason it could not be continued again and again.
A lot of people state that the diet is simple to follow knowing that the 20 minute exercises are easy to include into an average day.

There is nothing special to purchase, and the food will keep this diet relatively affordable.

No unique foods to purchase means it is possible to eat most of the things you already love. You can enjoy such things as steak and chicken.

Protein is exactly what keeps us feeling full and happy. The 3 week diet plan provides plenty of protein, so you need to feel full and satisfied with what you eat.

This plan provides plenty of scientific research support it , such as MIT & Harvard School of Public Health.

The 3 Week Diet is an effective new diet system that not just guarantees to allow you to Lose weight — It guarantees to help you lose more weight — All body fat — Much faster than anything else you’ve ever used. In other words, what most diets achieve in 2-3 months,
The 3 Week Diet does in just 21 days, which include:
  • 12-23 pound decrease in body fat
  • 2-4 inches from your waist
  • 2-3 size decrease in dress size
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Reduced cellulite                                                         
  • Faster metabolism
  • Improved energy
  • More healthy hair & skin
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • In addition to a host of other health advantages