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Mom Becomes Motivated To Lose 124 Lbs . After Getting As Well Winded To Found Out Her Daughter A Bedtime Story

Hollie Barrett had constantly relied on meals to be a ease and comfort when she was experiencing a tough time, and when she lost her mom to cancer in 2013, she again resorted to her normal habit.

Nevertheless, the experience additionally acted as a wakeup contact that she required to get control over her health — Barrett had attained a high weight of 249 lbs.

“After that, I began to really think about my health and also my future,” the superstore worker from Suffolk, Britain, 30, shows PEOPLE. “I would like to be around for my children, and to have the ability to do all the regular things that moms do while they were still young.”

Due to her size, Barrett couldn’t swim with her children or do additional physical exercises with them.

“I felt prefer my weight was keeping me returned in every part of my life, particularly when it came to carrying out things with my children,” she says. “I once wanted my daughter Imogen up the stairways to bed and was so breathless I couldn’t talk correctly to found out her a bedtime story — it broke my heart.”

That experience jumpstarted her willpower to lose weight. Barrett had lately seen a friend’s publish on Facebook about their good results with the weight loss program Slimming World, and also made the decision to give it a try.

“I would jump from fad diet to fad diet, so they were all so stringent and difficult to follow. When I discovered Slimming World, I couldn’t think that I didn’t need to starve myself to lose weight,” she says.

Barrett makes use of the program’s food optimizing intend to get healthy food and snack recipes that she can make at home.

“This assists me to lose weight without actually feeling hungry,” she says. “My partner Thomas is an excellent cook, and we all enjoy the same healthy foods as a family now. Salmon with wild rice and BBQ pulled pork are a few our favorites, and we still consume out regularly as well.”

As soon as the weight began heading off, Barrett was able to be active with her partner and children like she had have a tendency.

“We really like going on long walks and enjoy more active vacations,” she says. “I walked 40 miles in 4 days and climbed a mountain when we went away lately. I’ve begun jogging, and even had the self-confidence to place on a swimsuit and take my children swimming for the first time since losing weight, which was a fantastic experience. Thomas likes my new figure and just starting out confidence too!”

Because subscribing to Slimming World, Barrett has lost 124 lbs.

“I lately finished a 5k charity run in memory of my mother, and I think she’d be pretty happy with me too,” she says. “Now I lastly feel like the person — and the mom — I was intended to be all along.”