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Teenage Girls Must Never Have Diet Pills For Weight Loss, It May Be Lethal

Getting a better way to lose weight may now present serious health issues and how. It has become a very common practice to turn to diet pill to achieve your weight loss objectives and get in shape quick. However these quick techniques to lose weight can put you at the risk of serious problems over time. In a new research, researchers have cautioned that taking diet pills continually to shed weight can in fact harm the growth, psychological health and hormonal balance of young females in their teenage.

Based on the research, diet pills are dangerous for people which belong to all age groups however young girls can be more prone to the toxic chemicals contained in these supplements. Researchers discuss that these pills can impact the normal working of the body systems and result in nutritional deficiencies, especially of iron and calcium and each are important for the growth and development of teenage children. They also are likely to sap your energy and slower your metabolism that can reduce the rate of growth.

Weight loss pills are frequently promoted as fast methods to shedding pounds and getting the ideal figure, however they come with possibly harmful side effects for example increased heart rate, dizziness, unusual bleeding and even heart attacks because of raised blood pressure. Normal use of diet pills in place of good, wholesome foods may also harm your stomach lining.

The team of research workers from the University of Minnesota exposed some alarming facts. Based on them, about 63 per cent of teenage females use "unhealthy weight manage behaviours" to stay slim and a more 22 per cent use "very unhealthy weight manage behaviours". They state that the use of diet pills in teenage females has notably increase as it appears to be a simple way to lose weight. But what; s simple to do may not be healthy too!

Weight loss supplements cannot provide you with the same nutrition as whole foods. Furthermore, to lose weight in a healthy way you require a combination of a balanced diet and a regular dose of exercises. The essential thing about weight loss it's to have the ability to sustain it. The weight lost through such fast methods comes back once you lose it and remove the pills in addition make you dealing with health illnesses.

5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight
Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Professional, Shilpa Arora recommends, "To make lasting improvements to your body, you have to pick up a reasonable, sustainable plan that you could follow forever." She signifies that to lose weight the healthy way, set your main goals on losing about 1 kilogram of your weight in every week. Any more than this and you will be losing not just your fat but your muscle also. Secondly, don't reduce your calories significantly as it will make you feeling tired and fatigued immediately. Thirdly, protein is a really important part of a healthy diet, however having protein at all food times, accelerates weight loss. Fourthly, take plenty of water and cut out refined carbs and sugar from your daily diet. Thus, exercise a minimum of 4 times per week to increase the results of a healthy diet.