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7 Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss | A Powerful Diet Plan!

When wanted to know about the one thing that people would love to change about their physical appearance, the most typical solution would be to get a slimmer physique or to reduce excess weight. People are usually very aware of the extra pounds that they have and since nobody would like being fat, following some kind of crash dieting to get back to shape appears to be the only option.

A powerful 7 day diet plan is something that might appear appropriate here since it works wonders in affecting weight loss. It permits someone to reduce 10-15 pounds every week when followed properly. Additionally, this also uplifts the spirit of a person through its systematic cleansing effects.

On day 1
You need to eat only fruits for all three meals. Remember that banana is an exception while almost all members of the melon family similar to watermelon or cantaloupe will be beneficial.

On Day 2
You can consume only vegetables during the day. You can have any vegetable aside from potato. It is alright to stuff yourself until you are full and as long as you are boiling the vegetables, it is totally fine. You may also eat the vegetables raw but using oil while cooking is purely not allowed.

 On Day 3
Is a combination of the meals for Day 1 and Day 2, which means you can have a combination of boiled/raw fruits and vegetables with the exceptions of bananas and potatoes.

On Day 4
Is essentially a liquid diet, you need to consume only bananas and milk. On an average, people eat about eight bananas and three cups of milk on Day 3. You can also have a bowl of vegetable soup minus the body fats or grease.

On day 5
When you can indulge because the food selection includes a cup of rice and six whole tomatoes. Additionally it is important to drink a lot of water on this day because it would remove the excess uric acid generated by the body.

On day 6
Would allow use of vegetables together with one cup of rice. 

On Day 7
As the sixth day, you need to consume one cup of rice, boiled/raw vegetables and fruit juice.

When you wake up the eighth day, you would be about 10-15 pounds lighter. This dieting process is generally repeated as often as one would like but it would be recommended to keep a space of 3-4 days between the repetitions.