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How To Lose A Lot Of Weight In A Month? | Simple Followed Tips

Overweight is a problem that impacts a huge number of people these days. In fact, many of them indulge in dieting actually to the point of hunger and end up depriving their bodies of important nutrients. To say the least, weight loss cannot be accomplished overnight. It is a gradual process that needs effort and dedication on your part. The majority of us have this misconception that by dieting thoroughly, we can achieve weight loss. However the fact is, weight loss depends upon a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. It is the combination of both of these factors which enables you to achieve your ideal weight. The tips offered below do not promise radical weight loss however will certainly allow you to lose around 10 pounds within a month. Get to know how to lose a lot of weight in a month with these simple followed tips!

How To Lose A Lot Of Weight In A Month?

Set Achievable Goals
Before starting your weight loss routine, it is very important understand that 1 month is too short a time to achieve a great weight loss. Therefore, set achievable goals for example losing 2 to 3 pounds each week. There are many fad diets and crash diets which will cause rapid weight loss within a short period of time. But they are often combined with several health risks. Furthermore, most of the weight lost is water weight and you wind up gaining weight instead of losing it after stopping with the diet plan. So, you need to go for a healthy weight loss routine. At first, you might lose more weight but by the middle of the month, your weight loss is most probably to slow down. At the most, you will probably lose about 10 pounds in a month.

Reduce your Calories
Your weight is instantly related to your intake of calories. Caloric intake of 3500 calories comprises one pound of fat. So, to be able to lose one pound, you have to consume 3500 less calories which is rather impossible. One method to achieve weight loss is to cut at least 500 calories from the daily diet. Doing it this way daily for 7 days, you can lose one pound in a week. There are many ways of cutting down on calories. It is possible to eat smaller portions on your plate and exchange high calorie foods similar to sweets and fries with fresh fruits, vegetables and salads. Include a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and lean proteins to naturally reduce calories. Stay away from sugary drinks and sodas to further cut your caloric intake. However, do not go below 1200 calories per day as this can cause a drastic decrease in your energy as well as nutritional deficiencies.

Avoid “White” Carbs

As far as possible, stay away from consuming carbs that are white except after a work-out as they may cause weight gain. This kind of foods includes rice, breads, cereal, potatoes, pasta and fried food. This really is another simple tip on how to lose a lot of weight in a month you need to include.

Eat Healthy Meals

Include a balanced diet that gives your body with all the important nutrients. The foods provided below are suitable to form the part of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Leafy green veggies similar to spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage etc.
  • High fiber fruits similar to apples, bananas, pears and oranges.
  • Low fat dairy items and milk substitutes similar to soy milk or rice milk
  • Complex carbs similar to brown rice, whole grain flour etc; you may also eat various kinds of grains similar to chia seeds, quinoa, buckwheat and hemp. Eat multigrain bread and wheat pasta rather than white ones.
  • Lean proteins similar to 95% lean red meat or skinless poultry, nuts, tofu, soy and egg whites.

Stay away from Unhealthy and Processed Foods
It is possible to indulge occasionally but if you would like to lose a significant amount of weight in a month, you need to stay away from the following unhealthy food items provided below:

  • Sodas.
  • Potato chips.
  • Candies.
  • White pasta, rice and bread.
  • Food items having processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup.
  • Energy beverages and creamy or sugary coffee.
  • Processed foods.

Drink Plenty of Water
Make sure that you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. It not just detoxifies and hydrates your system but is a good replacement for sugary drinks similar to juices and sodas. Apart from, drinking plenty of water keeps you full therefore you are less likely to have appetite cravings. You can try using citrus slices of lemons, lime or orange to make an appealing drink without calories. Herbal teas for example green tea are also an outstanding option. It is possible to add chia seeds or other seeds that expand in water to impart a special flavor.

Squatting Exercises
One exercise that can tremendously support you in losing 10 pounds in a month is squats. It is a kind of strength-training exercise which will cause weight loss and it will help build lean muscle mass. Improvement in muscle mass speeds up your metabolic process, leading to you to burn more calories. Squats exercise just about all the muscles of the lower body. To get highest results, be sure to do at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions of squats every day.

Cardiovascular Exercise
Cardiovascular exercise, as the title indicates, improves your heart’s capacity to pump blood. This not just raises your metabolic process but also exercises your entire body more effectively compared to certain weight training exercises similar to lifting weights that build muscle however do not work out your entire body.

Once we talk about exercise, it does not imply that you need to indulge in intensive workouts at the gym. Actually a brisk walk is a great exercise that will help you lose 10 pounds in one month. On an average, an individual weighing 150 pounds may lose around 600 calories with an hour of walking. Therefore, to get your target weight loss of 2 pounds each week, you have to walk for 2 hours every day. The most exciting part is you can split up your exercise into smaller sections if you cannot dedicate 2 hours at a stretch. It is possible to perform a 120 minute chunk exercise by splitting it into 30 minutes blocks.

Circuit Exercise
Circuit exercise is another solution to lose weight. Circuit exercise is essentially a combination of several exercises. Carrying out the same exercise for a specific period of time frequently becomes monotonous. Instead, you are able to do several different exercises for a shorter duration. For example, you can do 5 minutes of walking combined with 2 sets of 15 repetitions of squats followed by 1 minute of rope jumping. This circuit training course can be continued many times and provides you with a more complete workout in a short time. It is a good idea when you have restricted time.

These were a simple followed tips to learn how to lose a lot of weight in a month.