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New Research Indicates Acupuncture Can Help Weight Loss

New research has discovered that acupuncture can be useful as a tool to help weight loss.

Performed by the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University in collaboration with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, the research examined 72 participants, 13 males and 59 females, aged between 18 and 68.

All participants got a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above and also got not used any other weight control measures or even any specific medication in the 3 months before the trial.

The team randomly designated the participants to a pair of groups for the managed trial -- either the "real chinese medicine group" or the "sham chinese medicine group."

All participants finished a total of 16 sessions of acupuncture treatment method over an eight-week time period.

The treatment integrated particular acupoints in the body -- the places that needles are inserted and manipulated -- including places on the abdomen and the lower limbs.

The participants additionally obtained auricular acupressure in the ears focusing on the auricular points of Appetite, Shen men, Spleen and Stomach. Based on Chinese medicine, these types of acupoints can bring back and complement the flow of energy in the intestines along with transform body fluid and also expel phlegm.

After going through the acupuncture treatment, the team discovered that the "real chinese medicine group" showed a 2 .47 kg decline in average weight and a deficiency in 1 .56 kg/m2 in average BMI. The most outcome documented was a participant who lost 7 .2 kg with a decrease of 3 .2 kg/m2 in BMI.

However, the "sham chinese medicine group" had an average weight loss of simply 0 .54 kg with an average reducing of 0 .19 kg/m2 in BMI.

Dr Zhong Lidan, who worked tirelessly on the research, recommended that the weight loss may be because of acupuncture having a challenging effect on serotonin and beta endorphin, which hides appetite and raises lipolysis activity -- the breakdown of lipids -- leading to weight loss.

She added that the trial could be utilized as the schedule of future larger researches, paving the solution to developing acupuncture in a weight-loss or weight control program.

The outcomes also come simply days after a study posted in the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine shown up to find the reasons acupuncture is a wonderful treatment for minimizing pain.