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The Big Secret to This Woman's 100-Pound Weight Loss Was on Her Cell phone

After Chelsea Stevens provided birth to her boy three years ago, she began to gain pounds. The right now 25-year-old college student from Birmingham, England, weighed 280 pounds at her heaviest, and credits/blames her repeated fast-food indulgences — fried chicken and pizza, mainly — for the weight gain.

"I loved eating fast food each day and I was addicted to crusty breads smothered in butter but didn't recognize how fat I was until it was too late," Stevens informed the Caters New Agency. "I accustomed to look at myself in the mirror and really feel disgusted with what I saw but I couldn't help but eat huge meals."

It wasn't until 2013, when she got on a roller coaster and was wanted to know to shift to a larger seat, that she felt forced to lose weight. In October of this year, Stevens took a photo that she meant to use to "fat-shame" herself — and then she made it the wallpaper on her cell phone so she'd be reminded of how she appeared, continuously.

"I understood that searching for such a unappealing picture of myself each time I picked up my cell phone would quit me from ordering takeaways and also give me the determination to lose weight," Stevens stated.

Stevens also enrolled in a meal replacement plan, which sped up the weight loss. She has since missing 98 pounds.

"I feel awesome being a slim young mum," Stevens stated. "I can be more active with my boy and feel so much more confident."