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Top Hacks For Eliminating Processed Foods

The expression “processed foods” in strict terms indicate any products which have been changed from their natural state. Therefore, in theory, lots of the things we consume each day are processed. More and more, the expression processed food is now synonymous with unhealthy food.

Not every processed food has a negative impact on our health, however. In reality some processing can make food safer compared to their natural form, like with milk. In other conditions, like with canned tuna or frozen veggies, the nutritional value is preserved during this type of processing.

But that’s definitely not to say that the negative connotations of processed foods must be discarded. Heavily processed foods usually lead you to eating a large amount of sugar, salt and preservatives. Scientific studies also recommend eating high levels of processed meat raises the chance of bowel cancer. We’ve rounded up the worst offenders and given our top hacks to stay away from them.

Switch Cereal for Overnight Oats
Breakfast cereal may be an extremely processed solution to begin the day. A lot of brands of cereal – such as ones marketed as healthy – are extremely rich in both sugar and salt. Bin the box and escape your oats. As the term indicates, it is possible to prepare overnight oats before going to bed, and they’ll be all set to go by morning. Basically soak the oats in milk or water, and also they’ll swell to make a satisfying breakfast. Put in fruit, protein powder and nuts for added nutrients.

Make Your Own Sauces
Pre-made sauce is a fascinating convenience if you are meal prepping. However, a jar of sauce from the store can wind up having three times the calories of a homemade one. In addition, you’ll have the ability to manage the amounts of salt in your recipe. Get your airtight containers out and you’ll have the ability to maintain most sauces in the fridge for a week, and in the freezer for a lot longer.

Stay Away From Sodas
Carbonated soft drinks are so heavily processed, and very seldom give any nutrients. Preferably, you’d wish to switch your fizzy drinks for water – you will save hundreds of calories per cup! If that appears to steep a jump, switch in certain fresh fruit juice, green tea or sparkling water once you really skip fizz.

Make Your Own Microwave Foods
Plan when temptation strikes you. Freezing a few of your favourite healthy foods is a good solution to remain on plan even when you aren’t feeling on form. Having something easy and yummy on hand is a good deterrent from getting a takeaway or microwave food.
Takeaways are obviously very high in calories usually. In addition, microwave foods are many of the most heavily processed foods available. They are usually very high in sugar, salt, and preservatives to maintain their colour and form appearing fresh.

Stay away from White Carbs
As a general rule, if you switch your white bread, pasta and rice for their whole wheat counterparts, you’ll be better off. Brown rice, bread and pasta have much greater nutrients. They are very likely to keep you fuller with their fibre content.