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Weight Loss Success Stories | Weight Loss Guardian

Stories of weight loss success are interesting. It requires inspiration and self-discipline to shed weight. Reading through others' stories can easily encourage you on your own weight loss journey.

Sheryl Walder
Sheryl Walder, 44, shed 49 pounds in seven months from June 2016 to January 2017. Her highest possible weight was 207 pounds, the point that activated her to begin the journey to weight loss. At six-feet tall, her current weight of 158 pounds is the best and also healthy weight.

Weight Challenges
Walder's journey began when she gained weight after injuring her knees, therefore she could no more run. She additionally started to be physically inactive because she began to take care of her mom with Parkinson's disease. As a marketing executive in the pharmacy industry, Sheryl had constantly been active person, and the sudden slow pace of life took a toll on her.

Similarly, combining a regular career and becoming a full-time caretaker impacted her physical and emotional well-being since she could no more start exercising regularly and had restricted time to make healthy foods. Ultimately, observing her mother's health deteriorate made her recognize life is short, and health seriously is important. It was the catalyst she required.

Walder's Plan
Planning healthy and balanced meals was the toughest part, so when Cheryl discovered a healthy meal business online known as Diet-to-Go, she gave it a try. They had good quality reviews and provided both delivery and fresh local pickup. She discovered a fitness center in the area where she picked up fresh packed meals.

Diet-to-Go provides various plans, which are customized depending on your BMI, height , and weight, along with how much weight one would like to lose in a selected period . Walder began on the 7-day, three meals-a-day "Balance" plan, which was made up of 1,200 calories every day. Ultimately, she transfered to the four days-per-week plan.

Walder additionally eliminate sugar and sweets, which was difficult at the start, but she was able to break the behavior. The meal plan assisted her to better recognize appropriate portion sizes and also healthy foods. Now, she cooks foods in advance of a busy week and has continued to be on track ever since.