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Standing Up Is The New Weight Loss Secret

Standing Up Is The New Weight Loss Secret

Researchers suggest it's the key to dropping pounds.

It’s time for you to take a stand in order to lose weight. Based on experts at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg, standing up-right could cause your body’s “internal bathroom scale.”

States John-Olov Jansson , Professor at Sahlgrenska Academy:

The weight of the body is registered in the lower extremities. If the body weight has a tendency to increase, a signal is delivered to the brain to reduce food intake and maintain the body weight constant.

By standing, you boost your weight, hence, delivering a message to your brain to quit eating.

Based on the University, the discovery of the internal regulatory system is the first new one since the discovery of the hormone leptin, 23 years ago by American researchers.

“The mechanism of which we have now identified controls body fat mass independently of leptin,” states Professor Claes Ohlsson at Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, “and it’s feasible that leptin along with activation of the internal body scales can be an effective cure for obesity.”

The discovery was designed by implanting mice with weights that created them artificially heavier compared to a control group, by around 15-percent of their body mass. By the point the experiment finished, both sets of mice had similar body weights, with the experimental group dropping pounds to compensate for the added weight.

It’s already been confirmed that “sitting is the new smoking” and that people who sit for more than 12.5 hours per day have the highest death rate, based on a sobering study from the Annals of Internal Medicine.

In relation to these newest discovery, states Jansson, “We wish this discovery is going to lead to a new path in obesity research. The findings may additionally give new information about the reason for obesity and, over time , new remedies of obesity.”