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Thousands Of Cancer Cases Could Be Prevented With Weight Loss, Study Suggests!

Placing down that doughnut can save your life, at least based on a new research project which includes research workers from the University of Calgary.

The research, a part of the Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer Project (COMPARE), examined the number of cases of cancer might be avoided over the next few years if Canadians shed weight.

Weight Loss Guardian

"There's regarding 12 cancer sites where there is strong proof to recommend that having excess body weight is related to a greater risk of cancer," stated Darren Brenner, an assistant professor of oncology at the U of C and one of the lead research workers.

"So, examples of these cancer sites include breast, colon, endometrial, kidney, esophageal in addition to a long list of others."

Warning against conclusions
The research estimates tens of thousands of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer because of carrying a little extra weight.

The team relied on information from Statistics Canada and the Canadian Cancer Registry, however Brenner warns against taking the study as conclusive in terms of causation or correlation.

"We've developed some projection models depending on national levels and historical information, stating if the trends we've noticed with time are continuing, what is going to be the subsequent impact."

Brenner stated if the number of overweight and obese Canadians was reduce in half, you can easily see a big decrease in the number of cancer cases over the next 25 years.

"If we could simply decrease the incidence or the prevalence of obesity in Canada returning to where they were in the early '90s, we could possibly stay away from 60,000 cancer cases in Canada," he stated.

The study also tasks that if nothing changes, more than 26,000 cancer cases in the year 2042 might be pinned on excess body weight.