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Swimming Or Cycling, Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Creating a calorie deficit is the principal thing if one really wants to lose weight. Any type of exercise when combined with healthy diet can help you reach your weight loss goals. The amount of calories you burn while you do any specific physical activity depends on the kind of activity, the intensity with that you do it and the period of time you perform it for. It’s wise to select and perform a physical exercise that you enjoy doing and can do regularly. Deciding to do what you don’t like only causes you to irregular with the regime. Today in this post we are going to review two physical exercises, swimming and cycling and which one works better for weight loss.

Swimming or cycling, which is better for weight loss

Swimming is a low-impact exercise which uses all the parts of the body and that is why, lots of people feel that it helps them burn more calories. It’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise as it is great for your lungs and heart. Swimming can be great for people with joint issues. Water facilitates the body weight and thus puts no pressure on the joints. The exercise is fairly exhaustive but it provides your upper body an excellent toning and definition.
Low-intensity exercises are better to get rid of fat. Swimming being a low-intensity exercise qualifies as being the much better one to lose weight in comparison with cycling. A man weighing around 70-80 kilos uses up around 750 calories throughout one hour of swimming workout session.

Also, as swimming employs both upper and lower body, it’s one of the ideal total body exercises. If done correctly, swimming has a calming and meditative effects on your mind and body.

Cycling, if performed at a moderate pace, is very close to a low-intensity exercise. But a few disadvantages of cycling are if your cycle is not of the appropriate size or if you do not do it correctly then it can result in injury. Though incorporating this exercise in your daily routine is simple as you can basically go to office or market by your cycle. You no longer need to take out extra time, unlike for swimming.

Cycling at a higher intensity benefits one build muscles in the calves, quadriceps and also glutes. Unlike swimming, cycling helps you more on your lower body as it's your legs that are at work. A man weighing 70-80 kilos will lose around 600 calories while cycling at a pace of 10-15 mph. Therefore, in the race of weight loss, swimming wins because it helps one lose more calories in the same period of time.

Things to consider
If you have any kind of health condition, make sure that you consult your doctor before starting any kind of exercise session. Eating right goes without saying as diet has a 70 per cent role to play in your weight loss program.
Swimming is a non-weight bearing workout which is a drawback as it does not have a bone-strengthening impact as running a cycling has. However, both of them swimming and cycling will help you build muscles, improve your pulmonary fitness and cardio health.