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Here’s Why Experts Call Squats King Of Weight Loss Exercises, Best Exercise To Lose Weight

For weight loss and fitness, experts state squats are one of the best exercises you must do on a regular basis. It helps employ all core muscle groups, raises stability and strength. However, it is very important maintain the right form for doing this exercise.

Whether you’re performing squats for weight loss or to gain an enviable, toned body, you will need to get the right form while doing it. After you have mastered the art of squatting, you’ll observe results around your thighs, glutes, calves and also seat. There’s one reason why squat is known as ‘king of exercises’. It helps employ all the core muscle groups, increase stability and strength.

Squats-Weight Loss Guardian

Get to the right depth
“Many people squat above parallel and do not go deep as much as necessary to positively affect the legs and thigh muscles. The fact is, keeping above the parallel limits will hurt your knees. Therefore, be sure that your thighs are parallel to the ground,” states Yashwant Pratap, fitness coach, SeniorCare 24X7.

Engage your core
It is very important engage your core while doing squats. Based on fitness expert Smitha Shtty, engaging the core can help tone your thighs, calf and will focus on your abs too.

Inhaling and exhaling technique
“First inhale and inflate your lungs before you begin the rep, then exhale once you’re done with the rep,” indicates Abbas Ali, Reebok master coach.

Rep speed
You will need to get in as many repetitions as is possible. “Slow on your way down squatting, explosive and fast but in control on your way up to upright position,” adds Ali.

Position right
You will need to begin the exercise in the right position. “Your form should we such that the knees shouldn’t be in front of your toes and the gap between the legs must be wider. When you find yourself in position, squat all the way until the thigh is below your knee level,” advises Dr Gagan Kapoor, head of physiotherapy, HealthCare atHOME.

Firm heels
Be sure that your heels are firmly on the floor. If you raise your heels, you might suffer injuries.