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How This Woman Lost Almost 200 pounds And Still Ate 6 Times A Day

At the very early age of eight, Tess Fitzgerald's battle with weight gain and food started in 2004, when she attended her first Weight Watchers meeting. "I battled all of my life to eat right and to fit in." At age 21, she's regained manage and finally begins to feel confident in her own skin.

At a very young age, Tess understands having a problem with bingeing. "I would simply wait until nobody was around before eating vast amounts of food. I accustomed to come home from school and consume a whole bag of Goldfish." This continued on and when she hit puberty, her extra weight skyrocketed.

At age 14, Tess was told that she has PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), which in turn causes an imbalance in hormone and insulin levels, which results in weight gain. Hence this described why in spite of all her efforts to aim to lose weight , she wound up gaining. By 2014, she graduated high school at around 330 pounds. Tess states, "I was embarrassed and ashamed by my body. I wanted to conceal from the world."

Tess gained an extra 17 pounds during her first year of college, and couldn't fit comfortably in the desks. Reaching 347 pounds, Tess shares, "I felt gloomy. In February of 2015, I made a decision that in order to adjust my life. I required to do something drastic." She made the decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. She had to think about 10 months of meetings in order to learn about the process, which she did in December 2015.

After her surgical treatment, Tess had to consume very small portions. The post-op diet was much like that of a keto (low-carb) diet. The weight began to fall off, and in the first six months, she dropped over 150 pounds. By September of 2017, one year and nine months after her surgical treatment, she had dropped an astounding 213 pounds , reaching her lowest weight of 134 pounds.

Tess shares, "However, I did not feel nicely at this low weight and made a decision it was time to hit the gym in November 2017. I understood that I would be having my loose skin removed in January of 2018, therefore I wanted to prepare the best I possibly could." On January 30th, 2018, Tess reported her journey on her YouTube channel, and she had 5.6 pounds of loose skin removed.

At 10 weeks post-op , she was back at the gym, heading 3-5 times per week, as advisable by her doctor. She focused on building lean muscle, specially regaining 15 pounds. She also takes lots of walks and stands all day at her job. Tess is now only down 198 pounds and states, "I was able to completely transform my body in 3 years."

Tess intends to follow a low-carb diet, much like that of a keto diet. Here's exactly what she eats in a regular day:

Breakfast: 1 egg omelet with cheese together with veggies

Snack: protein shake

Lunch: avocado tuna salad

Snack: string cheese and olives

Dinner: 4 oz. rooster breast with green beans together with half a sweet potato

Snack: Larabar

Water: "I target 64 fl. oz. every day, but am still working on this!"

Tess shares her journey  on Instagram and says, "I stay encouraged by inspiring others and having them inquire me for advice!" Aside from lastly feeling confident in her skin, wearing a bikini in public, and also being able to fit in an airplane seat to be able to travel to Paris and London, an additional awesome non-scale victory Tess experienced from her weight loss is feeling pleased to fit into an old pair of jeans - with her friend!

If you can relate, therefore you too have a significant amount of weight to lose, Tess states, "Don't hesitate to begin your journey. Loose skin can continually be fixed. Have faith in yourself." And when things get difficult and you feel like quitting, "Always try to to dream, never lose sight of yourself, and just remember why you began!"