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Ketogenic Diet, Weight-Loss Myths Busted By A Nutritionist Who Dropped 62 KGs In A Year

Nutritionist expert Jaydeep Bhuta informs us how he lost weight with the ketogenic diet and what he learned about eating well for weight loss.

Nutritionist expert Jaydeep Bhuta was 142 kgs and with a waistline of 52 inches when he began his weight-loss journey. He had tried a number of diets but had failed to lose weight. But he states it was only after he studied nutrition that he understood what he must have actually done.

“I felt that there were lots of misconceptions and misinformation about fat loss. This is the reason I took it upon myself to find out about nutrition.” Jaydeep states he has been able to lose 62 kgs with the ‘easiest and the most scientific way’ to lose weight— cutting starchy foods and carbs from the diet as recommended by the Ketogenic diet. “It is not the dietary fat intake but the sugar and carbohydrate intake that could be an issue. It’s the hormone insulin that should be controlled in order to lose weight.

A lot of nutritionists recommend diet plans that stop insulin from spiking. Even Ketogenic diet follows the same theory. For my diet, I made sure to monitor my insulin levels and that’s how I was able to reduce fat,” he says.

From his own experience , he states that following a ketogenic diet is not easy as it appears. “The challenge with those following the Ketogenic diet is that a lot of think that they have the flexibility to eat unlimited fat as long as they stay away from carbs to lose weight. But that’s not the way it goes. Many people overdo fat intake and even cheat with sugars in their foods. As a result, instead of losing weight, a lot of end up gaining weight while following keto.” This is just what you must understand about keto diet for vegetarians.
The following he details a number of common mistakes individuals who follow the keto diet commit:

Myth 1. I can indulge in small cheat meals:
Counting carbohydrates is essential. Even small cheat meals don’t allow your body get into a Ketogenic state. Therefore, strictly take away all the “small cheats” from your daily diet.

Myth 2. I can get unlimited fats yet still lose weight because I follow keto:
The ketogenic diet is not about having unlimited fats. When you’re on a keto diet, your body will break down your body fat making ketones. But if you eat huge quantities of dietary fat in the diet after that the body will break down the dietary fat in place of body fat. That’s the reason some end up being overweight instead of losing weight despite being on a ketogenic diet. Have you learn about this Mumbai lady who lost 45 kgs without a coach?

Myth 3. I can consume everything except high carb foods:
You have to be careful about the foods you eat. You have to take into account that there are a lot of hidden carbs in foods. One of the most common mistakes is indulging in sweet sauces, cornflour or certain nuts that are high carb. You must understand what you are eating, how your food is prepared particularly packed foods or restaurant meals.”

Myth 4. I can consume keto-friendly foods as much I want:
I know of many people who overindulge in keto-friendly foods, for eg, keto cakes, without knowing its carb content, because actually these desserts have carbohydrates and sometimes the carbs are extremely high that can totally ruin your Ketogenic diet. One should consume low carb cakes and ice creams only occasionally.