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Tips On How To Lose Weight After Birth

Staying active is more important as a goal than weight loss!
Ever thought, or worried about ‘bouncing back’ after birth? What does that sentence even mean? Most ladies were bouncing nowhere fast after the all-encompassing fatigue and achievement of childbirth. The media is filled with images and stories of ladies who were supposedly back in their skinny jeans just weeks after giving birth, but we have to be aware of these examples rarely show the whole truth. Don’t let your confidence and self-esteem to lower by reading these types of articles, but instead concentrate on what your body has enabled you to achieve in birthing your baby.

Your body has created some incredible modifications whilst your baby has been growing inside you. In pregnancy your uterus will be bigger than 5 times its original size with a capacity of five hundred times more than before you conceived . Your abdominal muscles will expand both widthways and lengthways to accommodate the growing uterus, and the linea alba (line running down the middle of the stomach muscles) can separate. Your lumbar spine curves to help support your growing abdomen and can result in back ache and weakness. You will pump around 30% more blood volume round the body at full-term and need 20% more oxygen to suit the needs of the foetus.

The body adapts greatly to help birth and these changes must be respected, offering the body to get back to its previous form and strength in a gradual and safe way. Weight loss is not a key sign of health so really should not be a primary goal in this journey. Let your body the time it requires to heal and strengthen.

You will need to be active in the postnatal period because this can help with depression, but before you start higher intensity exercise you should make sure you have had your postnatal GP check-up.
In the early days, try to be active in your everyday life - take the baby for a walk each day, get your heart rate up a little and blood flowing. Do your pelvic floor and abdominal training exercises to begin to rebuild strength in those areas.

When you are cleared for exercise
Don’t have weight loss as your main goal. It is more encouraging to have a health and fitness goal not based on aesthetics , as an example , being able to run again or to lift a particular weight. These goals will keep you encouraged longer, with better results.
Discover a post-natal class that includes cardio and resistance training as these are both ideal for fat burn and fitness. Circuits are excellent also for weight loss
Get active every day with your friends - power walk round the park whilst chatting - also it won’t feel like a chore . Keep each other accountable and inspire each other to have an effect.