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How I Dropped 56kg After Three Babies!

When Corinne Armstrong found she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to experience all the joy connected with new life.

But what really should have been an exciting time left the 30-year-old facing a battle her body and mind struggled to fight.

“There were times I couldn’t get out of bed, I was too worried something would occur to the baby,” Corinne says.

“I had serious anxiety and spent hours looking up indications of miscarriage. I would indulge eat in front of the TV and at work I would have a stash of chocolate just to assist me get through the day.”

Corinne was identified as having numerous conditions – including early Lupus and Hashimoto’s – an autoimmune thyroid disease – which described her sudden increase in hunger and debilitating depressive thoughts.

The birth of now 3-year-old Seth sent the Melbourne-based mom further into her dark hole, leading to her weight to greatly increase to 101kg.

“Seth didn’t rest at all, and would get up each 45 minutes,” Corinne recalls. “I was seriously sleep deprived and … I was consuming just to have the energy to remain awake. All day, each day it was blocks of chocolate, lollies, cake and chips.”

In the months that followed she suffered serious panic attacks and obsessive compulsive problem, finding much later they were a result of her underactive thyroid, not postpartum depression. Having reached rock bottom, Corinne woke up one day and chose to take matters into her own hands.

“The doctors were pushing hormones and steroids onto me however I refused to take them,” she states. “I wanted to try it my own method first and decided I would try the Paleo diet. I went through the cupboards and fridge and threw all the bad stuff out, and visited the grocer and butcher and in one day I was on my way,” she states of the diet that advocates eliminating all dairy, grains, gluten, legumes and processed sugars.

“I was now consuming such things as quinoa porridge with a plant-based milk for breakfast, a wrap for lunch made from egg full of salad and meat, and dinner would be a portion of proteins and vegetables.”

She instantly observed a massive shift, not just in her waistline, but her moods also. To better take care of her health, Corinne slowly moved towards a Paleo-Keto way of eating, and with diet adjustments alone, has lost virtually a third of her weight, going from 101kg to 65kg, and a size 16 to 6-8.

“Paleo is all about eating clean, whole foods without calorie counting. Once you follow Keto, you put yourself into a state of ketosis by carbohydrate restriction. I blend the two. It made sense to me with the health problems I have, since dietary fat really helps to regulate hormones.”

Now a proud mom of three, with 16-month-old twins Lola and Nate joining her young boy, Corinne states it has been simple to adapt for family meals.

“I’ll select a protein and include quinoa or couscous and also root vegetables to theirs, maybe with a tomato based sauce, and for me I’ll have the proteins and a green vegetable.”

Corinne has not just kicked her sugar addiction but her mental health has enhanced just as much as the numbers on the scales. And she previously feels like she’s won the best prize of all – being the mother to her children she constantly wished she could be.

“I’m not sitting on the sidelines any longer,” she states. “I’m present and part of their life.”