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Melissa McCarthy, 48, Stuns After Dropping 75 Lbs.!

Melissa McCarthy appeared positively breathtaking attending the Fox party at the Toronto Film Festival. Along with wearing an attractive gold dress with an intricate floral design, the Spy actress additionally showed off her awesome 75-lb. weight loss! Over the many months since filming Spy, which co-starred Jude Law, the star has been continuously losing weight — each new period we notice her she looks thinner and thinner! Take a look at a before and after to notice how much amazing progress she’s been making in the picture featured below.

Melissa’s transformation has all go down to her simple diet. Reported earlier how the comedy star reportedly applied the ketogenic diet to be able to achieve her inspirational weight loss. The “Keto” diet consists of a low-carb approach, so that the body actively breaks down fats because it runs on its reserves. It’s clear that her intense work has completely paid off!

Returned in May, McCarthy crashed SNL for another hilarious role. While she’s possibly best known for perfect imitation of Sean Spicer, this period she played Michael Che‘s step-mom. At one point throughout the Weekend Update segment, she clung to Che’s shoulders, stating, “Where did these shoulders come from? I don’t understand! Just keep going. You were doing a joke about Judy Rudiani. And I don’t understand who she is, but I can’t wait to laugh!” Really, this Mother’s Day episode was a real standout of the season.