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Alabama Lady Maintaining The Weight Off Using Ketogenic Diet

Based on the ketogenic diet. Ashley Putman shared her diet good results!

Within the last couple of weeks I have had the chance to speak with many people about their diets. We have talked about their diet success and their diet fails. It appears various diets work for different people. Just like you try on clothes at a store, many people try on specific diets. When they don't fit the diet goes by the wayside.

Ashley Putman shared her diet good results with me. It's based on the ketogenic diet. It is made to help the body burn fat by eating all that food that used to be thought of as taboo. You can have bacon, eggs, ranch dressing and meat--lots, and a lot of meat.

Ashley says she has maintained a weight loss of 25 pounds for many months. She begins to feel stronger and calmer on the diet. With no sugar and few carbs she states the protein is working for her. In reality, she feel years younger now. She and her husband have came back to their favorite hobby that is rock climbing.