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Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss: Are These kinds Of Commonly Consumed Healthy Foods Keto-Friendly?

Ketogenic diet was one of the most talked-about weight loss diets of 2018. The diet, which suggests a high intake of healthy fats and low intake of carbs, has become very popular, with big numbers of people searching for ways to change to keto meals. There is a rise in demand and supply of keto-friendly snacks and desserts in addition to a boom in cooks churning out recipes to people planning to go the keto way. Ketogenic diet is said to result in quick weight loss by making the body burn fat in place of carbohydrates for energy. There has been a good amount of debate around the diet and about how healthy or unhealthy it is, for the body. Despite many health experts turning naysayers to the diet, ketogenic diet for weight loss continues to rise in popularity. If you are one of those planning to change to the ketogenic diet in 2019, then you may need to know how many of the healthy foods that you eat are keto-friendly.

Let's check out how many of the common healthy foods that we eat on nearly a daily basis are keto-friendly:

1. Eggs
Being full of fats and proteins, eggs are one of the most commonly offered keto-friendly foods to include in your daily diet. The yolk is full of healthy fats, which maintains the skin and hair healthy. Eggs are certainly keto-friendly and need to be contained in your daily diet, whether you follow keto diet or not.

2. Brown Rice
A healthy substitute for starch-rich white rice, brown rice is just one of the healthiest foods that are commonly consumed all over the world. It is full of fibre, vitamin B1 and magnesium. But brown rice is not keto-friendly, because it is full of carbs, which are restricted in a ketogenic diet.

3. Oats
One of the most widely used diet foods and a healthy cereal food, oats are consumed around the world. For all their nutrients and healthy fibre, oats are not keto-friendly and might be one of the foods you might have to give up, were you to follow the ketogenic diet for weight loss.

4. Peanut Butter
An excellent substitute for dairy butters, peanut butter has attained the image of a healthy food, because of the presence of protein and healthy fats in it. Peanut butter is one of those tasty keto-friendly foods that you will be seeing a lot of, were you to follow ketogenic diet for weight loss in the coming months. In reality , peanut butter is popular in preparing keto-friendly treats and desserts.

5. Olive Oil
Olives and olive oil are usually popular by weight watchers and health freaks around the world. They are considered to be healthier than normal vegetable oil, since they have healthy fats and both are also keto-friendly. Olive oil can be utilized as dressing for salads and can additionally be cooked with.

All milk products including milk, yogurt and cheese, as well as meats similar to chicken, bacon, turkey are also keto-friendly because these are rich in fats and proteins and low in carbs. However, you have to consult a certified nutritionist or a dietitian before following a highly restrictive diet like ketogenic diet.