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Simple Tips On How To Curb Carbs When Eating On The Go

Whether you making the effort to reduce carbs or eat more protein, eating well on the run may be a challenge.

Quality carbohydrates just like whole-grain breads, milk, yogurt, fruits and legumes are an important part of a well-balanced diet, specifically for kids and teens. For adults, lowering the amount of empty carbs you eat can be a terrific way to meet your personal wellness goals. It's important to exchange those carbs with lean meats, healthy fats and nutrient-dense vegetables.

Here are some simple ideas to eat on the run while still following your present diet.


A ketogenic diet, also referred to as keto, is a popular diet that balances protein, fat and carbs roughly in the following breakdown:
  • 10 % or less of their calories from carbs
  • 75 % of their calories from fat
  • 15 % of their calories from protein

One great way to follow a ketogenic diet is by using a salad beginning with a lean meat just like rotisserie-style chicken, turkey breast, steak or roast beef. Put in some vegetables like lettuce, spinach and onions. After that top it all off with a dressing that has under 2 grams of carbs such as ranch, savory Caesar or oil and vinegar.


If keto seems too ambitious to suit your needs, there are more simple ways to reduce carbs in your daily diet, such as asking for a lettuce wrap in place of a sandwich. Fast food restaurants offer salad choices, plus Subway can turn any sandwich into a healthy salad.

Quality carbs

Seeking to enhance the overall nutrition quality in your daily diet, but don't want to cut carbs? Aim these simple swaps:
  • Swap white bread for wheat. Choose whole-grain certified 9-grain wheat.
  • Swap sweet sauce for savory. Try mustard, oil and vinegar or mayo.
  • Swap sweet beverages for water. Select bottled water or unsweetened fountain beverages.