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Ketogenic Diet: These Types Of Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Certain To Leave You Craving For More

From Huma Qureshi to Kourtney Kardashian, ketogenic diet is well-liked by celebrities around the world.

It appears that the world cannot stop gushing about the ketogenic diet. The much-in-news diet is followed by a lot of celebrities around the world. From Huma Qureshi to Kourtney Kardashian, this high-fat diet is creating ripples among who's who of the glamour industry, and if you are planning to hop on to the bandwagon, you have to check with an expert first. Ketogenic diet is unique diet in which you do away with your major carbohydrate sources and eat high fat foods instead for your energy needs. Based on a lot of studies, going keto has assisted many lose a pound or two and even assisted some controlled their diabetes. But as we said, it is not meant for everyone; therefore, read up about it and make an informed decision.

This delish recipe of keto chocolate chip cookie by YouTuber Sahil Makhija is perfect to pair with your cup of coffee/tea. You may also tuck it in when the cravings kick. The recipe published on 'Headbanger's Kitchen' does not use maida or refined flour. Maida is loaded with carbs. Excess consumption of maida may also result in weight gain and blood sugar imbalance. The maida here is swapped by fibre-rich almond flour instead. To bind the batter well, the recipe also makes use of eggs. The recipe does work with a lot of butter and chocolate, so be sure you eat these cookies in moderation.

Here's the recipe of fresh and chunky keto-chocolate chip cookies that you could make at home.

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